Fresh Lobster Available starting June 30, 2019. Call 207-444-7529. Cooking available.

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 A 100 gallon salt water lobster tank is located at the Eagle Lake Inn, 75 Old Main Street, Eagle Lake, Maine 04739. Lobsters are delivered weekly from the coast of Maine. Retail prices are competitive with stores in Fort Kent and Caribou and range from $9 to $12 a pound.  Standard size lobsters are 1 - 1.5 pounds. Jumbo lobsters are over 2 pounds. Lobsters are sold by the pound and packaged in plastic bags. It is a good idea to bring a cooler when picking up lobsters. 

Lobsters must be ordered in advance because we do not offer regular business hours. 

All Major Credit Cards Accepted. 

Lobsters are sold by Eagle Lake Sporting Camps from its location at 75 Old Main Street, Eagle Lake Maine 04739

PO Box 249, Eagle Lake, Maine 04739, United States

(207) 444-7529