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1. The Lessee agrees to operate the equipment with reasonable care and caution, in accordance with manufacturers recommendations, and local and state laws. The Lessee agrees not to operate the equipment while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, whether legal or illegal; and agrees to prevent the use of the equipment by others who might be under the influence.

2. The Lessee understands that there are inherent and obvious risks associated with operating any boat, watercraft, ATV, or other equipment including but not limited to drowning, injury, debris on lake, other boaters, and adverse weather conditions. As such, the Lessee accepts the risk, associated with the use of the boat, watercraft, or other equipment, and, in addition, any-and-all risks within and upon Lessor’s premises.

3. The Lessee agrees to assume all liability for personal injury, injury to others, damages to equipment, and /or damages to the equipment of others, and for lost revenues and related expenses during equipment repair. Furthermore, the Lessee shall indemnify and hold harmless the Lessor, its employees, agents, and shareholders against any-and-all costs and/or liability associated with the Lessee’s use, operation, and rental of the equipment. Within 24 hours, Lessee agrees to report to the proper legal authorities, and the Lessor, any injury that requires medical treatment or any incident involving property damage.

4. Lessee agrees to pay full retail value of any equipment including life jackets, fire extinguisher, coolers, and anything associated with the rental that is not returned in satisfactory condition.

5. Lessee certifies that he/she has examined the equipment and finds it acceptable for the purpose for which it was leased; and hereby acknowledges that he/she will accept instruction in the use and operation of the equipment before its use.

6. Lessee agrees to return all leased equipment by the agreed upon date in a clean condition to avoid any additional charges and liability to subsequent renters. Minimum retrieval fee is $75 per hour, plus mileage @ $3. per mile. 

7. Lessor reserves the right to cancel any rental at any time and for any reason, in which case, OMM shall make a full pro rata refund which will constitute final and complete settlement with Lessee.

Should any terms or conditions of this agreement be held void or unenforceable, then only that term shall be deemed severed and the enforceability of the remainder shall not be affected and will remain in full force and effect. The undersigned (s) have read this agreement and release, and jointly and individually as Lessee (s) voluntarily agree to the terms and intent of the agreement. 

I hereby authorize OMM to charge my credit card for the amounts invoiced and acknowledge all payments are non-refundable for any reason including weather. As the credit card holder, I also authorize OMM to charge or place a hold on my credit card in accordance with the terms of this agreement and for future purchases verbally (or written) approved by me. 


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